Why real estate agents don’t use stagers

Why aren’t more Real Estate agents using home stagers?

Sometimes I am reading random stuff, and I come across information that relates to home staging. That just happened this morning,  and this question came to my mind once again. Why aren’t more real estate agents using home stagers?

I was reading about investing in RRSP’s. seeing as there is only 5 days left to contribute for the year ( I work best under pressure) and I came across this great blog post from Money smarts   http://www.moneysmartsblog.com/why-you-cant-trust-real-estate-agents-when-selling-a-house/

Anyone thinking of selling or buying for that matter should read this. Lot’s of great information.

While I was reading this, I realized that it was answering a lot of questions I had about Real Estate Agents.

Like considering the benefits of home staging, why weren’t more agents using them? or educating their clients on the benefits of home staging?

Home staging is not as expensive as people might think. Most stagers will work within your budget. And best of all, if you are handy ( or have a handy special someone) you can do a lot of the recommendations yourself.

 Think about it, you hire a Home Stager. you pay them anywhere from $500. to $2000,(excluding rental furniture)

You sell your house for 20.000 or more than it would other wise sell before you staged it. Great for you, you now pocketed an extra 20,000 even 10,000. Less the staging fee is still a profit of $8,000- 18,000 Home stagers do this easily everyday. that’s a big chunk of change.

It could mean paying off your son’s college or a nice vacation, new furniture, paying down your mortgage. what ever. Home staging is a great tool.

Staging Benefits a home owner, not an agentreal estate

If your house sells for $ 20,000 more at 2.5% commission, your  Real estate agent is only getting $500 dollars more. He/she doesn’t care if you sell it for less, they just want to get paid. They are not going to waste their time explaining the benefits of home staging and how you can make more money.

The Real estate agent might even believe that you will ask them to pay for the staging. In that case there goes the $500 extra he would have made.

What  a lot of real estate agents fail to see, is that even though they won’t be making much more commission on the staged homes. Those houses attract more buyers and sell faster.

The Real estate agent can then sell more homes with less effort and time. That equals more money for him.

As a home owner you are cheating yourself by not showing your home at it’s best. And that is not your agents responsibility, so don’t leave your largest investment up to them.

In the end Home Staging in a win-win for both  Homeowner and real estate agents. I am seeing more and more of them using home stagers, which is great, but a lot still don’t.

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