outdoor coffee table makeover

Outdoor coffee table makeover

Hi everyone! Here is another FREE project I did.

I don’t know if I told you this, but I happen to have the perfect husband!  okay maybe not perfect, but….  not only is he a great guy, he happens to have a job where people just give him free stuff, usually to throw out.

No, he is not a garbage Man!  He works in  home restoration and renovation.  Often homeowners tell him to dump stuff they don’t want, and some of the things he is dumping are really good.

So knowing what kind of wife he has, he calls me when something worth saving comes up.

I used to say no a lot, until I realized that I have free material here!  lot’s of projects to share with you, so this coffee table was one of those free things I got ,along with the paint.

I know what you are saying, ” I don’t have a husband that brings me free stuff”  ( hum.. maybe that’s not so bad) okay, never mind

You can find free or cheep stuff everywhere! eg.  garbage day, used stores, old furniture lying around, at your mums place, your friends. you get the picture.

Back to my outdoor coffee table makeover, this is not an outdoor table, but why not?  it’s wood and it was going to the garbage anyway. That’s the great thing about getting free stuff. Who cares if you ruin it.

kijiji toys 013

old pine coffee table

coffee table

this is the coffee table before, not too bad but the pine look is a bit outdated

  kijiji toys 017

I love the finish in this (what is this?) candle holder? I used this as my inspiration

kijiji toys 019

kijiji toys 022

this what I used

  1. left over blue paint from sewing machine project
  2. wiping stain ( any dark color)
  3. sand paper, roller, brush and old rag


sand to remove old varnish


wipe well to remove all dust, and clean well  with a wet rag to remove any dirt

kijiji toys 024

paint with a roller and brush.

kijiji toys 025

give it 2 coats and let dry in between, for me is was very quick

kijiji toys 026

  TIP –  before the paint dries, move the newspaper from under the legs so they don’t stick .  I remembered this time!kijiji toys 028  now that it’s dry, sand all over to make it look worn to resemble the candle thing. No need to be perfect there are no rules!


candle thing

kijiji toys 031using a foam brush, paint and wipe in one direction so you don’t see streaks

coffee table

   kijiji toys 032kijiji toys 030 kijiji toys 033touch up areas you feel need more color

kijiji toys 034That is it, let dry and you are done!  this whole thing took me one afternoon. kijiji toys 035 kijiji toys 054 kijiji toys 051 curtains 018check out the custom curtains I made that put the look together.

DIY custom outdoor curtains

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