office chair makeover using old quilt

I have been looking at this old chair in my basement for some time, it was falling apart and I almost threw it out.  What? throw it out, no I knew I could make a diy project out of it.

So when I was doing my daughter’s room make over, we could not find a chair that was small enough to fit the pottery barn inspired desk  I just painted ( coming up soon on my next blog) then I remembered this chairIMG_2084I went to work taking it apart, quite easy actually this whole thing only took me a couple of hours. I didn’t even go to the store, I used what ever I had at home.

IMG_2085you need a drill or screw driver to remove the seat from the base. Then remove the staples that hold the fabric, use a flat screwdriver or a staple remover tool

 IMG_2089Here I am separating the two pieces of the sat back, using the staple remover ( very useful tool) IMG_2090 IMG_2091 IMG_2086staple the fabric while holding it tight IMG_2087I used some cotton fabric from another project, I was going to leave it like this, but it was too boring for me so I went looking around the house to see what else I could use.


I found this great quilt that was damaged a few years ago but I loved it so much I never got rid of it.  I cut a piece and stapled it to the seat and back

IMG_2097IMG_2093 IMG_2094I used this fabric glue to attach the quilt to the backside of the seat back IMG_2095Then pressed the two sides together of the seat back  ( there are clips, that attach both pieces)

Then screw the seat and back together againIMG_2098to hide the black plastic back support? (what ever you call it ) I made a sleeve to cover it.   IMG_2099 IMG_2100I used some fabric protector, after all it’s going in a girls room IMG_2172nice Huh?IMG_2171


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