How to repair holes in a leather couch

How to repair leather with easy step by step instructions.

A well made leather couch is a great investment. It lasts longer than any fabric, it’s easy to clean and hypoallergenic.  I purchased mine 20 years ago. and it has lived through 3 babies, countless spills and 3 cats.

It is one of the best investments we made when it comes to furniture.

But for years I took it for granted, I did not seal it or clean it as I should have.

“Poor couch, I am sorry, you made me feel comfortable through 3 pregnancies and a hip surgery, an entire Seinfeld series and survivor episodes. I thank you for all the comfort you gave me”

This is how it looked after 20 years  beforebefore2015-11-11 20.35.012015-11-19 05.36.572015-11-11 20.35.36

pretty nasty, don’t you think?  but the structure and mechanisms were still great and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

I am going to show you how you can easily repair a worn and damaged leather couch at home. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a professional.

what you will need to repair leather


  • flexible leather or fabric glue
  • a piece of canvas (I cut up a piece from an old pair of jeans)
  • scissors, spatula, sponge and some rags
  • Leather cleaner,
  • leather dye to match your leather
  • leather repair filler ( most important)
  • fine sandpaper
  • leather sealer

I ordered these online from

there are other companies you can order from, I was happy with results from this product.

First you need to clean the leather very well with leather cleaner. You won’t believe how dirty it really is. use a moist rag and clean it several times , till cloth comes out clean2015-11-11 20.45.31

  • cut a small piece of canvas larger than the rip or hole2015-11-11 22.55.432015-11-11 22.05.22insert inside as a backing , to give you something to glue the leather to2015-11-11 22.09.11
  • use the back of a spoon to flatten the fabric and spread the glue on the back of the leather.
  • press firmly on the leather and let dry overnight2015-11-12 00.57.36
  • Now use the leather filler and a spatula to fill in the tear and all the large cracks on the rest of the couch.  Spread it with the spatula on an angle so you remove the access filler2015-11-19 06.21.55you may have to do this several times, till the leather feels smooth2015-11-19 06.22.072015-11-19 21.45.34my couch was in bad shape so I used a lot of filler as you can see
  • let dry overnight.
  • Sand it with a very fine sandpaper than wipe with clean dry cloth.
  •  apply a small amount of leather dye in circular motion using a sponge, a small section at a time. blend into the other leather.IMG_2849IMG_2847
  • when all the dye ls even,  let dry
  • check the color, add a second coat of dye where needed
  • when dry, spray the sealer.

Here are the before and after pictures. Although it might not be perfect, I think the difference is amazing  the rips are repaired and the leather is protected.

I love the look and feel of worn leather. It’s like a nice pair of broken in boots or jeans.

leather after repair
leather cough before
leather couch after

I am amazed at the results. My favorite sofa got a second lease on life.

To preserve the life of your leather furniture It’s a good idea to clean it with the leather cleaner and spray protector every few months.



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