How to fix a hole in drywall- a woman’s guide

 Repairing holes in drywall is very easy and to prove it, I took  it upon myself to repair a few holes we had around the house. ( with my eleven year old daughter’s help)

One was in the kids washroom ( don’t ask how that got there, I’m not going to mention any names here, you know who you are)  and another when we removed an old alarm system by the front door.

To get started you will need


  • a utility knife and drywall saw
  • a pencil
  • drywall compound and spatula knife
  • small piece of drywall ( I went to the home improvement store and asked if they had any broken pieces  and they sold me 1×3 feet piece for 2 dollars
  • a drill and drywall screws
  • a small piece of wood a bit larger then the square patch ( read on you will know what I’m talking about)
  • sand paper
  • paint

  drywall repair


Here is the hole I was hiding with towels for a long time


don’t forget a bucket or something to catch the debris


place your drywall square over the hole, it should be a bit bigger than the hole. Outline the square and add lines in the same spots on both the wall and the patch so you know how to place it later




cut on the line through the paper you don’t need to go all the way through

now use the drywall saw, if you don’t have one use the utility knife and cut from the center to the corners


It’s easy to punch the cut drywall pieces in, to break them


now use the utility knife to cut the paper on the other side




place the wood behind the hole and screw it to hold it  this is so we have something to attach the new drywall to.



place the drywall piece, see how it fits perfect? that’s what those marks were for


screw it along the other screws, this will be your guide where the wood backing is


apply the first coat of drywall compound as smooth as you can, let dry then apply the second coat. Feather it out so you don’t see the transition. When dry apply the final coat.



Finally, sand well till you feel the wall is smooth

Now give it a coat of primmer and paint.

note I did not use drywall tape, I started using it but it was a pain to cover it up , I had bumps everywhere. If the hole was bigger I would provably need to use it but here it was easier not to.

IMG_1987Here is my Daughter repairing the hole left from the old alarm, I told you a kid can do it.

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