DIY workbench for craft room


Every good craft room needs a work table to do our crafty things.   So after 9 years of doing it on the floor ( no not that, I mean crafting)  I decided to build a workbench.

I have one, I build for my garage when I was building my kitchen cabinets.  (yeah right, I had to build a workbench before I build the cabinets)  So I thought I would paint it and use it in my craft room.  my pica march 032

But after  looking at it.  It was too rough and It is so useful in the garage. I couldn’t  part with it. I thought  if one is great than two is better.

So I made one for the craft room.  It only took me about 4 hours and it was cheep about $40.00.

my pica march 088 my pica march 090TOOLS

power drill,  sander , sand paper, 3″ screws, 2″ screws


3-  2×4 @ 8 feet long plus one piece 21-1/2″

cut 4 pieces 44-1/2″.   1piece 21-1/2 ” .  4 pieces 31″ .  4 pieces 24″

3- 1×4 @ 8 feet long

cut  in half so you will 6 pieces about 4 feet long.

1 –  2×4 feet piece of plywood ( you can get these already cut at the lumber yard )

my pica march 097 make 2 big rectangles using the  2 of the 44 1/2″ long pieces and the 24″ piecesmy pica march 101screw the one 21- 1/2″ in the center of the bottom rectangle for support.   my pica march 103when you have the 2 rectangles screw them to the legs (the 31″ pieces), stating at 6″ from the pica march 106the top rectangle is flush with the legs. then screw the plywood piece on top 6 screws my pica march 110screw the 1×4 to the bottom shelf my pica march 112I had to add this block to the legs to screw in the wheels, but if you don’t want wheels , then you are done. my pica march 115 ready to finish or paint any way you want.

my pica march 132

I used left over paint my husband brought me from one of his jobs. when I first saw the colors, my first thought was” what were they thinking ?” but it works great in here. my pica march 145I love the versatility of this bench it’s great in the garage or here.

The wheels make easy to move out of the way when I have bigger projects and need floor space.

When I have guests, it’s easy to turn back into a guest room by wheeling it into the hall and opening the wall bed.

Let me know what you think.



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