DIY tufted headboard- The easy way

tufted headboardTufted Headboards are hot right now, I am seeing them everywhere . I love the ones with wings, like a comfy wing chair, and of course some nail heads and crystals would be amazing! So being the DIY’er that I am, I had to try and make one myself.

My favorite part of DIY is that you can customize it to what you want, and of course save a lot of money at the same time.

This king size headboard cost me about $150.00. not including the fabric. I purchased the fabric in the sale bin at fabricland a while back thinking I might use it to recover my sofa cushions.  I never did do that, but I found good use for it here.

Ok, I have to be honest with you, It was a little difficult, (actually very hard ) but don’t let that stop you because I took the pain for you, I poked most of my fingers and broke every nail, and that was only after tufting 3 holes? Then found a better way, I call it the STAPLER.  Now is the time all you professionals can stop reading and let us amateurs keep going so we can keep our fingers.

what you will need for a king size bed

  • 1 sheet of Plywood 3/4″ thick
  • 2  2×2’s  @ 8 feet
  • 1  2×2’s  @ 4 feet
  • 2  2×4’s  @ 4 feet or you can buy an 8f and cut in half
  • batting queen size
  • foam topper for twin size
  • spray adhesive
  • nail heads
  • staple gun with lots of staples
  • fabric of choice, upholstery fabric is more durable.
  • 6 L-brackets
  • screws
  • 60 buttons or crystals
  • hot glue and gun
  • A nail gun, but if you don’t have one you can use need screws, I used both
  • hammer
  • needle nose pliers. ( very important to save those fingers)
  • scissors and utility knife
  • a bottle of wine (or two) optional of-course.

IMG_2176lay the sheet of plywood and screw the 2×4’s to the sides of the plywood. Then measure and cut the 2×2’s that go on the top and bottom. Measure and cut the one for the middle, screw them all like this IMG_2177IMG_2175I then measured and put an x where the buttons were going to go. then drill a hole on those x’s. I had 60 IMG_2178here is the batting and foam IMG_2179

IMG_2185after wrapping in the foam and bating, use dowels to see where you drilled IMG_2186cut around the dowel to make more of an indent when we do the tufting IMG_2187I just cut out a square using a utility knife. Then lay the fabric on top  (do not staple it yet)  leave extra fabric around the frame.

At this point you “should” do this,

Thread a needle with fishing line or heavy thread and push it through the first hole and out through the batting and fabric from the back to the front. Then run the needle through a large button. 

Attach the button. You can do this with either one or two drilled holes, depending on what you decided. Whichever you choose, make sure you pull the button tight to create the tufted look in the batting. complete instructions at

But I did this instead.

Press down with your finger where you cut the bating, you will feel the indent through the fabric and staple in that spot.


I tried doing it the hard way, then gave up and found this way much easier and faster while giving me the same look IMG_2189when you are finished stapling, hot glue the buttons or crystals.

Staple the fabric to the wood around the frame while pulling tight to remove wrinkles



IMG_2180for the wings  use the 2×4’s by 4 feet and wrap them in the batting, then staple IMG_2181screw the L- brackets to attach to headboard, then wrap the fabric neatly and staple at the back (I wish I had taken pictures of that to show you) just make it look neat in the front.IMG_2184hold the nail heads with the pliers, and hammer in a straight row  ( I used a fabric pencil to make a straight line). IMG_2182there is only one row, I put the 2 boards leaning on each other so they didn’t fall when I was hammering  IMG_2183 IMG_2190Then staple at the back like this. Screw the wing to the headboard using the L-brackets. IMG_2193You can attach the headboard to the bed rails or just lean it against the wall like I did. The headboard is heavy enough that it stays in place.


IMG_2194I used a bed-skirt to hide the bed frame. IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2198I took me about 9 hours, but it was worth it! I just love it, it gave my room an updated look without having to replace all my furniture. You can make simpler versions of this, check my headboard Diy board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Love to hear what you think.

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