DIY girls Jewelry display cork-board


This girls cork-board is an easy and fairly inexpensive DIY project. I made this one for my daughter’s inspired pottery barn room makeover.

This cork-board can be customized for any age and decor style. We use our cork-board for all the jewelry that tween girls often have, it is easy to see it all, and most importantly to put back when not used.

I purchased the cork-board and fabric at Walmart and all other items at the dollar store.

To make this you will need

  • Large cork-board
  • fabric in 2 contrasting colors
  • fabric spray glue
  • wood cork pins
  • ribbon
  • pearls, beads or what ever you want to glue on the pins
  • glue gun

IMG_2103cut the fabric 3 inches larger than the cork-board, so you can glue it on the back of the boardIMG_2104Using fabric spray glue or quilt basting spray ( just happened to have this around) spray the board evenly with a light spray.  Do this in a ventilated area and protect the table or floor from over spray. IMG_2105turn the cork-board around and glue the fabric onto the frame using the glue gun.

IMG_2101take a contrasting fabric and cut the initials of the lucky girl, I would first do it on a paper, you can even print the font on your computer and trace onto the fabricIMG_2107glue beads or pearls on the wood push pins, for a little bit of glitz.

cut ribbon as you go and glue it on the back in a criss cross pattern like this. to tell you the truth this is the part that took the longest to do.IMG_2148 Spray the back of the fabric initial and place it where ever you want on the board.

My daughter uses her’s for her bracelets and necklaces, of course it can be for pictures, awards, notes or anything else you want.IMG_2164This is an easy and quick project that you can customize to coordinate with the room. Check out my quilt covered chair I did for this room.

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