Diy custom ourdoor curtains

I finally decided to finish my pergola curtains!

backyard patio

I love Diy , but I have to confess sometimes I start a project and don’t get around to finishing it,  I have so many ideas going around in my head that I get distracted and move on to another project that seems more fun at the time.( I heard another crafter call it crafting ADD, and I thought that is a perfect  description)


My husband and I built this pergola a few years ago, and we love it, but it really needed some curtains to soften it up and give us shade. The bugs are also a problem when we are dinning.

patio bug curtains

To solve this problem I purchased ready made gazebo bug screen curtains, and of course I always buy on sale if I can help it.  I waited for the end of the season and purchased enough to go all around the pergola, I think it was 6 curtains. I had to customize it a little, by buying some mesh from the fabric store and I sewing it to the bottom to give it extra length.

curtains 020

Here you can see the shorter side, that’s the length they came , them I added the extra mesh.  I just measured and cut the length I needed then sewed it using the sewing machine. The mesh I used was kind of stiff, which works out great because it doesn’t blow in the wind.

bug mesh curtain

To hang it ( had about 44 feet) I had to get creative, so an easy inexpensive way was to use tension hardware, galvanized hooks and metal rope. I purchased all of this at Home depot.curtains 022

here you can see the metal rope and under it the copper pipe

Now for the curtains, outdoor fabric is best because it will not fade, dries easily and lasts longer. But all the ready made curtains were too short and paying for custom made was out of the question. (You know with me being cheap and all)  So  I went to fabricland and spend a lot of time there looking for something I liked that did not cost an arm and a leg.

I needed a lot of fabric about 15 meters to make 6 curtains. If I remember correctly I spend about 200.00 for the fabric and mesh. I know, that is not that cheap you say, but sometimes you just have to spend some money. It was still a fraction of custom made.

Sewing curtains is quite simple, It’s just one big square piece, if you can sew in a straight line you can do this. Here are some pictures.

curtains 001


fold fabric over about an inch and a half


fold in about half an inch and pin


iron the pinned fabric  before sewing to make it easier to sew


do this to all sides, but make the top and bottom hem a bit wider, I used about 3 inches


after you sew all four sides press again for a professional finished  look

Now to hang the curtains I used copper pipe, copper joiners and elbow joints. I used hooks to hold the pipe on the pergola, just pre-drill and screw them in place.

back yard 019

I used ring clips to hang the fabric from the rods and make it easy to slide on the pipe and to  remove for winter, you just clip them to the fabric and slide the rings on the rod.

curtains 023

it’s very easy to remove the curtains for winter

back yard 002


this is how it looks when I use the bug screen.

back yard 015


After I finished the curtains, I purchased these brown cushions for the seating set. In this case it was cheaper to buy them made.

I found out foam for outdoor cushions is very expensive! so after I priced the fabric and foam, it would cost the same as buying these already made.

Sometimes Diy is NOT cheaper

Then I added other blue accents. The table you see here is another  furniture update I did, using the same leftover paint from my craft room makeover. Cost of that?  free!  which of course is always my favorite. I just used what I had, and it turned out pretty good!   if I do say so myself.

you can see how I did it here. outdoor coffee table makeover.


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