decluttering your garage

Before you list your home for sale. even before you call an agent, you need to do a few things to get your home ready.

1- Declutter- is the first thing yoimg01u should do, once that is done everything else will be easier.

Start with the garage or an area where you store things .eg. attic, or storage room.  I find this is the area where a lot of things you don’t really need end up, and if you have lived in your home for a while you provably have quite a bit of stuff.

For all your decluttering you  will need to separate things into 3 catagories.

1– TOSS – this is simple anything broken, or useless goes in the garbage

2– KEEP – these are the things you like and you know you will use, could be seasonal Items that you have in storage like xmas decorations, camping equipment, ect..

3– DONATE- anything you have not used in over a year, and you know you will not use  any time soon. these things are the hardest to part with, some have sentimental attachments. Keep what is important to you, others you can let go and donate so someone else can maybe enjoy it.
You can take pictures if it’s something you want to remember.

Once you have separated  everything in the garage, put the donate items in your car right away so you can drop it off at your local thrift store or if you are giving it to someone, you can drop it off  next time you are on the road.

Also put the trash in bags ready for the next garbage day.

Now clean the garage, sweep, mop ,wipe down shelves. If the floor is in bad shape or stained you should paint it with concrete paint. If  the walls are dry-walled you might want to paint it to make it look better.

After the garage is clean, start by sorting the things you have kept eg. car liquids and other car related things,  sports equipment, bikes, tools, and boxes of  seasonal items.

Every garage needs shelving to keep things off the ground.


picture from
picture from

If you don’t have any you should purchase some inexpensive utility shelves, you can purchase large hooks for hanging tools and bikes and large plastic containers are great for kids toys and sports equipment.

Keep everything off the ground so buyers can see that a car can fit in there. put tools in tool box, toys in the containers and hang the bikes. The boxes should fit neatly on the shelves, and don’t forget to label boxes so you know what you have when you move, mark it garage.

If you keep your recycling bins in here, clean them well and line them up nicely so it looks organized.

This is your first step in decluttering and a head start in getting ready to move.

The reason I like to start here is because now you have space to put boxes as you start declutering the house. But remember it’s just a holding space for items that you will be taking to storage or donating and they will be gone before you list your home.

If you have a lot of things in the house then renting a small storage unit for extra furniture and boxes is a good idea, and it’s usually not that expensive. Your house will look bigger and you will have less to clean and move when you sell. When you move into your new home you can unpack the other things first ,than pick these up,or have them delivered when you are settled.

Naomi, Stage with Style.

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