craft room makeover part 2

My craft room was in serious need of some organizing.  So as promised on my last post here it is.

craft room makeover

Ok I’ll admit, it doesn’t look all that bad. But I really needed to see what I had.  There were a lot of things I hadn’t used in years and needed to go, to make room for new crafty things I plan to make.

First I emptied the room and threw out 2 large bags of garbage.

To make it look good first, it has to look bad Right?

craft room 025

That sewing machine table is very useful. but….. needs something.

I emptied all the shelves and removed the shelf above the sewing machine, to make room for the peg board.craft room 031

Then I purchased this peg board and painted it this cheery green.craft room 037

I had a lot of fun putting everything back. I purchased these containers at my favorite dollar store, and organized the other ones I already had, so it looks more appealing to the eye.

craft room 106










Of course , before that there was the sewing machine table make over.

I’ll show you how I did that.

The sewing table before

sewing machine table

I turned it upside down to unscrew the folding leaf.

craft room 032Then I sanded it lightly using 150  grit sand paper, to remove wax build up and dirt. Then I wiped it well with a moist cloth

I used this primer because I already had it, and it works really well. But any good primer will do.

craft room 035

Let that dry well. Then paint it using a roller and paint brush.

craft room 038

I found some wood knobs to match and glued and screwed them in place.

craft room 039to retrofit the table to fit my new machine. I cut a piece of plywood and painted that too.  I use that to cover the gap and put the sewing machine on top.                                                                                              I can still place the new sewing machine in here when not in use.

craft room 100

craft room 099

Here is the finished craft room.

craft room after

As always one project leads to another.  That led me to…guess what?

Workbench with wheels

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