China cabinet makeover

China cabinet makeover with chalk paint

china cabinet









I have been wanting to makeover this china cabinet for some time now, but it took me a while to get the courage to tackle this job. Painting a china cabinet seemed like an enormous job.

cabinet dinning room

But after reading some posts on chalk paint, it got me  really excited and I was just dying to try it myself.

After a little research I decided to use a recipe using Plaster of Paris and flat paint.  Mostly because Plaster of Paris was easy to find and a lot cheaper than ready made chalk paint  (the home improvement stores had no idea what chalk paint was).

diy chalk paint
DIY chalk paint

chalk paint

Mix Plaster of Paris with water until very smooth, to a pancake batter consistency.

Add paint and mix very well to remove any lumps

chalk paint mixed well
chalk paint mixed well

Prepare the wood

cabinet dinning room 029

 This is the bottom of the china cabinet after many coats of wood stripper, This took a while and was the hardest part of the whole project.

dinning room 021


The only reason I stripped this cabinet was because it had a lot of old varnish.

For the hutch I only sanded it lightly, and to tell you the truth I like how the dark wood showed through when I distressed it. The beauty of chalk paint is that you can paint over any finish.
clean well, than sand lightly with a medium sand paper or sand block like I used here.


vacuum and wipe with a lint-free rag to remove dust. Now  you are ready for the fun part, painting.

cabinet hinges

hingesRemove hinges and handles and spray paint


Apply 2 coats of chalk paint, let dry well between coats and sand lightly to remove any bumps. (Sorry I don’t have pictures of me painting it)
I let the second coat cure for a couple of days, then I distressed it.
Sand lightly around the edges, till some of the dark wood shows through. Don’t over do it, because this is so much fun you will want to keep on going.


024After distressing, apply wood wax to protect it and give it a nice low luster shine.




The inside of the cabinet I painted it in a Tiffany blue color, that I just love.


Here is the finished china cabinet










I also refinished this table the same way using a light grey paint

dinning room 048

dinning room 079
I am very happy how it turned out. I hope you like it too, and try it on an old piece you might have that needs a new life. Please leave comments, or pictures of furniture you have updated. I would love to hear from you.

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